Email List Expansion Services

Email lists are never static. People leave companies, change positions, or simply stop engaging with your emails. Your list needs to adapt and mirror those changes if your email marketing is going to continue to be effective. It’s also important to constantly add new companies to your list. That means finding people who are in a position to make decisions and purchase your products or services.

Email list expansion is how you can keep putting your brand and offerings in front of more and more people who matter.

Why expand your email list?

Email list expansion is a critical piece of your marketing strategy, because as many as 20% to 30% of the emails on your list go bad each year. That means that up to nearly a third of your recipients may no longer be viewing your marketing emails. And when you are spending scarce time and resources creating and distributing those emails, you don’t want them to be wasted on people who can’t or won’t act on them.

Constantly verifying and growing your list is the only way to ensure your emails get in front of the right people. It’s the best way to make your emails far more powerful.

How email list expansion works

It’s important not just to expand your list, but also to check and see if the email addresses currently on your list are still valid and relevant. Start by reviewing your customer list to identify anyone who doesn’t have an email on file, then call them, find the decision maker, and add their email to your list. You can also call companies who have stopped engaging with your emails to see if there is a different email that you should be sending to.

Once you’ve worked through your current list, the next step is to find new companies to add. Identify your target customers by analyzing your list in terms of SIC codes or NAICS codes. Then find other companies that are similar to the ones you’re currently working with. Build a list of potential customers, then call them to find out who the decision maker is for your products and services. Talk to them, ask them about their current needs, and get permission to start sending them emails.

What’s the benefit for your business?

The benefit of these activities is to add your customers and new prospects to your email list. Your list will then become an ever growing and improving tool for moving people through your sales funnel. Customers on your list who receive marketing emails typically purchase two to three times more than customers who are not on your list.

Consistency is the most important part of email list expansion. After adding someone to your list, you need to check regularly to see if they are still at the company. Also, set aside time for adding new companies to your list, to replace ones that are no longer engaging with your emails or sales team.

At Winsby, we handle the entire email list scrubbing and expansion process for you. Contact our team to start growing your email list today!

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