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The Most Important Strategy for Boosting Purchase Frequency

Purchase frequency is one of the most critical metrics for your business and for evaluating the behavior of your customers. It measures the number of times a customer buys products or services from your company within a set time period. Although what defines a "good" purchase frequency will change based on your industry and market, generally the higher it is the better it is.

The best way to increase the purchase frequency of your customers is by sending them high quality emails on a consistent basis.

Why should you care about purchase frequency?

There are several reasons why purchase frequency is a crucial metric to track for your business. First, it can let you know that your customers are starting to buy from a competitor instead of you, if their purchase frequency begins to drop off. Second, this metric provides valuable insights about the buying behavior of your prospects, too.

After you have a baseline for your customers' typical purchase frequency, as well as knowledge about when and how much your customers buy, you can modify your marketing efforts to fit their existing purchasing habits and trends.

Email marketing benefits: Boost purchase frequency

One of the primary email marketing benefits is that you can greatly improve the purchase frequency of your customers. At Winsby, we've found that the customers on our clients' email lists purchase about two to three more times than those who aren't on the list. The reason for these great results is that emails will remind customers of all the services and products that you offer and, if the emails are put together effectively, customers will be encouraged to purchase again. The clients we send emails for have an average return on investment of about 4,300%.

How to use emails most effectively

Emails will only achieve a higher purchase frequency if they are done the right way. They have to look and read professionally, they need to be compelling to encourage the reader to take action, and they need a CTA that links to your website or landing page. In other words, they have to make it easy for your prospects and customers to act on the information you put in the email.

The best part of sending marketing emails is that you can tailor specific messaging to different segments of your list who have a downward trending purchase frequency. Include a deal or special to push them to buy from you again and increase their purchase frequency back to a healthy number.

Plus, your sales people can see which customers or prospects are more or less engaged by viewing who opens and clicks on the emails. If they follow up with those who are consistently viewing your messages, then they can possibly move them to purchase again.

Want to take advantage of email marketing benefits and increase the purchase frequency of your customers? Winsby can help.

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