6 Basics

The 6 Basics You Need for Successful Marketing

From initial planning to analyzing the results

Marketing seems simple: you’re just spreading the word about your company, right? That doesn’t take much skill, right? Wrong and wrong.

Marketing requires more than just putting together an email or writing an ad. Marketing is a nuanced, multifaceted process that can overwhelm even the most successful business operators.

Here are 6 basics that every business needs for successful marketing, plus how Winsby can help you succeed with each!

1. Why You Need a Marketing Plan
You don’t run your business without a plan, and you shouldn’t run your marketing without a strategy. That means laying out your approaches, outlets, and allies who can help you spread your message. And, no, you won’t be alone: The Content Marketing Institute shows that the industry’s leading marketers are more likely to have a clearly documented strategy than their less successful peers.

If you need help formulating that plan, Winsby’s expert team can do it for you! Together we can take your marketing to the next level, resulting in more prospects. All your sales team needs to do is close them!

2. Why You Need Email Marketing
Emails remind your customers to purchase from you and remind your prospects that you are there, just waiting for their current provider to make a mistake. They need to talk about everything you offer; sometimes a customer won’t know that you sell something they are buying from someone else … and they’d prefer to buy it from you! Tell everyone what you have available.

But emails aren’t easy to put together. You need a writer, a designer, and a programmer … and those are very different skills! Winsby’s expert team can plan topics for your emails, craft messages, design, program, and distribute your emails. We even keep your lists sorted out with the best subject lines for different groups. And we know the best times to send to those different groups. Whatever you need, we have you covered.

3. Why You Need SEO
While email’s vitally important to reaching core customers, you also need a website, and that website needs strong SEO, which stands for search engine optimization. Basically, by populating your website with frequently searched words, Google is much more impressed and boosts your rankings for these search words.

Again, this process isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s also a long term time investment that can have very fast initial results, if you load a lot of content, but your position will drift down if you don’t keep adding content and adding content and adding content.

Our team has years of experience crafting copy that engages not just customers, but search engines, too, meaning you’ll come out on top of the competition. This process will do more than boost website traffic; it attracts new customers, growing your core clientele and overall business.

4. Why You Need Customer Surveys
What customers want today they may reject tomorrow. That’s just the way the world works: people change their minds, market trends shift, and demographics grow up. The best way to keep up is to keep tabs through customer surveys. These surveys let you know what your customer wants and how quickly they want it, allowing you to market and sell more efficiently. We find that often someone will give you a high score but add a negative comment. And that negative comment is more important than the score when it comes to retaining that customer.

5. Why You Need a Target Audience
Along the same lines as surveys, you need to know your target audience. While every business owner would love everyone to be a customer, we know that some are far more likely than others to do business with you. Successful businesses need to know who their ideal customer is and how to reach them.

To grow your business effectively, you need to know who your target audience is, where they are, and what makes them tick—and Winsby can help! Not just through surveys, but by analyzing your customer data and engagement through all channels, online and in shop.

6. Why You Need Analytics
Data analysis is extremely important to understanding your customers, business, and how to craft effective marketing messages. By using analytics, Winsby pinpoints which messages or promotions work, and which don’t. We can tell you how often most people purchase and what are the red flags that indicate they are going to stop purchasing. This analysis helps you know when are the critical points of engagement and how to keep your customers coming back for more.

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