Grow Your Business with an Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

Having an online presence is crucial for all companies, whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses. One of the most crucial pieces of your online reputation management strategy is curating and generating verified reviews for your company. The importance of positive reviews cannot be overstated. They are the cornerstone of every internet presence and often the first thing that potential customers will see when they try to find out more about your company.

Online reputation management strategy – focus on verified reviews

Before another company or person decides to work with you, they are most likely going to conduct some research about you. In fact, about 95% of prospects will search for online reviews before deciding to buy from or work with a company. 72% of consumers will not take an action or purchase a product until they have read reviews. And negative reviews can seriously cost you—businesses that have only one star on Yelp or Google will lose about 86% of their prospects and potential customers before they even talk to them.

Failing to generate verified reviews will cause you to miss out on a significant amount of business. Waiting passively for reviews to come in isn’t enough; you have to actively and consistently obtain feedback from your current customers. That feedback is not only valuable for public reviews, it is also priceless in terms of recognizing any issues with your company or where opportunities for improvement are.

Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)

In addition to helping customers make a decision about whether to work with you or not, an effective online reputation management strategy also helps your SEO and moves your site up in search rankings. The majority of SEO strategy focuses on optimizing your website pages around keywords that your prospects are likely to search for. But Google and other engines also look at off-site factors when determining where to rank your site.

Google reviews and reviews on other sites cause search engines to assign greater authority and trustworthiness to your brand. Reviews, videos, photos, questions and answers, and other user generated content (UGC) give search crawlers more information to work with when figuring out if your website is relevant to the searcher’s query. The result is that they will try to connect you more with people searching on their sites, moving you up in the rankings.

How to generate more verified reviews

At Winsby, we help you take a very active role in generating verified reviews from your customers. One of the biggest problems with online business reviews are that they are fake or created by bots. To get around this problem, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys each month for your company over the phone.

Our team creates a script that you approve, and then we call through your customer list, request feedback on your process, services, and products, and then ask if their comments may be posted online. Then we share those verified reviews for potential customers and prospects to find when researching your company. We can also share positive reviews in emails and other communications that send out to your list.

By generating and sharing positive reviews about your company, you will build customer trust! Plus, our customer satisfaction surveys help you recognize and solve any issues before they cause a customer to leave you.

If you want help generating verified reviews through customer satisfaction surveys as part of your online reputation management strategy, contact our team today!

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