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How to Identify Website Visitors

You work hard on your website. You've added great copy, optimized for SEO so it shows up on Google's first page, it's simple and easy to use, and people are visiting it in droves. But none of that really matters if you can't identify website visitors. If you don't know who they are and when they visit, you may never have the opportunity to turn them into a paying customer.

The question is, how can you identify website visitors in order to contact them and put them in your sales funnel?

Can I see who visits my website?

You might be asking yourself, okay but actually how can I see who visits my website? The answer is that there are several tools at your disposal that you can use.

  • Add a form fill – One of the most common ways to identify website visitors easily is with a form fill. You can offer to answer questions or allow people to download an ebook or other freebie in exchange for their name and contact information.
  • Use a tagging software – The problem with form fills is that 98% of web visitors will not fill them out. Your solution is to tag each webpage with software that can identify the IP addresses of anyone visiting your site. Using that information, you can know who is coming to your website and which pages they are looking at.

The great thing about using a software to identify website visitors is that they will often allow you to add your email and customer lists to the program. That way, anyone on your list can be identified easily when they come to the site.

Track your website visitors

In addition to using software to identify website visitors, it's also important to track their activity on your website. If you see which pages they visit or spend the most time on, then your sales team can use that information to better understand what the customer or lead needs and offer a solution tailored to their specific situation.

How we identify website visitors

At Winsby, we use a program that allows us to tag each of your webpages to monitor who is visiting where, so you'll know exactly who is visiting your site and what they are viewing. You can then receive alerts via email or text when someone with a pre-determined engagement level visits your site. The program allows you to tag which team member or sales person receives notifications for each visitor.

We'll then send you weekly reports showing exactly who visited your site, including their level of engagement. The result is that you can reach out to people who actively visit your site and get them into your sales funnel!

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