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How Fast Your b2b Email List Goes Bad

If you have ever sent out emails or managed email marketing for your business, then you probably know something about the importance of building and expanding your email list consistently. What you may not fully understand is just how important this process is to successfully marketing and growing your business.

Your email list is your audience. It’s your existing customers, prospects, and future business. Your email list is the foundation of your sales funnel, where future business and sales begin. The key to making sure it keeps expanding is ensuring that it is constantly updated and added to, so that you can be confident you’re sending your emails to actual people in charge of making relevant business decisions.

Is your b2b email list current?

It is estimated that 20% – 30% of the emails on your list go bad every year. When it comes to b2b email marketing in particular, people on your email list change—sometimes they’re let go by the company, sometimes they leave on their own, other times they are promoted, and there’s someone new in that critical position that you are targeting.

In addition to position and personnel changes, many subscribers might simply stop engaging with your emails for any number of reasons. They stop opening them, stop clicking on them, and stop expressing interest in your products or services. Maybe they found another company to provide what you offer. Maybe they just got distracted.

When you’re spending time and money distributing emails, it’s important to keep your list up date, because up to 30% of the recipients may no longer be viewing them or don’t have the ability to act on them. This simple supplement of building your list consistently makes your emails much more powerful.

Because so much of your email list can go bad every year, it is extremely important to clean it and expand it routinely.

Scrubbing your email list

Properly maintaining your b2b email list involves email verification, list scrubbing, and adding new customers and prospects to your list. Signs that your list needs to be cleaned up or “scrubbed” include the following:

  • Reduced open rate
  • Reduced clickthrough rate
  • Increased unsubscribes
  • Increased spam complaints

Cleaning your email list of unengaged recipients requires checking who is consistently not opening your emails, monitoring invalid email addresses, and verifying that you have the address of the decision maker at any given company.

Using a list verification tool, like Email Verifier from Hunter, can make scrubbing your contacts much easier. With this tool you can verify the validity of any professional email address in seconds, so you can quickly remove invalid contacts. The result is a higher quality distribution list, which will respond better!

We continuously build your list

At Winsby, we handle the entire email list scrubbing and expansion process for you. Our team reviews your customer list and identifies anyone who doesn’t have an email on file, so we can call them and add emails for all the decision makers. Then, we’ll identify industries that you do business with and download a sample list of prospects for you to review. We’ll find companies that you aren’t doing business with that look a lot like the ones you are doing business with.

We’ll then call through the list to identify who the decision makers are for your products and services, and we’ll offer to send them information about your company, including any specials you might want to offer. And our team of callers will ask if they have any needs now. We speak with actual people to verify which person at the organization we should have on your email list.

Once we add someone to your list, we’ll handle checking periodically to see if they are still at the company and confirming that spelling and job titles are correct.

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