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Improve Website SEO with New Content

Keeping your website updated and current is important for several reasons. The first is that you don’t want your customers and potential customers to read out of date information about your company or product offerings. The second reason is that regularly adding new content to your website is great for SEO (search engine optimization).

Why website SEO is important

Where your company’s website shows up on Google has become extremely important. Websites that don’t show up on the first page are almost never clicked on, with websites from the first page capturing between 70% and 90% of web traffic. The higher your Google ranking the more professional and knowledgeable your company appears, and the more likely you are to generate organic business.

SEO involves essentially making your website more appealing to customers while at the same time ensuring it meets all of Google’s requirements and checks the boxes for its algorithm. And Google’s algorithm loves fresh, helpful, and informative content.

Post good content on a regular basis

Search engines like Google use web crawlers to scan the internet for new pages and content every single day. The more new content you add, the more often those crawlers visit your website to check it out, and the better chance pages on your site have of being ranked highly. While the various formulas for how search engines rank web pages are unknown, it has been noted that the more often you update your website with new, high quality content, the more often your website’s rankings will improve.

The way to move your website to the top is to be the best answer for what your customers and prospects are searching for. You must understand what your customers are looking for and what they value most. The key to improving your website’s SEO is not necessarily adding a large volume of content, but consistently adding high quality content.

The Winsby SEO process

At Winsby, we use tried and tested methods to move your website up in the search rankings. We start with analyzing your site, business, and industry to identify the keywords that your customers and prospects are using to find the service you offer. We’ll then update your existing content to make sure it includes those keywords while also flowing and reading naturally. Then we develop new pages and content to target specific keywords and push your rankings even higher.

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