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Why Verified Reviews Are Crucial for Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

A key piece of building your company’s brand is your customer review management and online reputation management strategy. No matter what industry you’re in, there is going to be a lot of competition. It is very routine now for everyone and every business to check out companies online before working with them. To make yourself stand out from all the rest and connect with more customers, you need an effective online reputation management strategy.

The importance of customer review management

95% of potential customers will look for online reviews before deciding to make a purchase. Negative reviews will seriously impact your business. With only one or two stars on Yelp or Google, businesses are at risk of losing 86% of their prospects. And 72% of consumers will not take any action or choose a product until they have read reviews. That means that having no reviews is almost as bad as having bad reviews.

Consistently obtaining feedback from your customers needs to be at the forefront of your company’s online reputation management strategy, or you’ll lose out on a large part of the market and potential business. Effective customer review management, on the other hand, will significantly help your bottom line.

Here’s why:

  • Online reviews improve brand awareness and recognition
  • Happy customers make you look more trustworthy
  • Reviews help customers make confident decisions
  • Online reviews open lines of communication with your customers
How to get more online verified reviews

In order to reap the benefits of customer reviews, you need an effective online reputation management strategy focused on generating feedback. If you just sit back and wait for customers to leave you reviews, then you won’t get many. Plus, the majority of people who leave a review unprompted tend to be negative. The key is to be proactive about customer review management.

Part of your sales process should be asking for reviews once the transaction is complete, as well as a certain amount of time after the purchase. That way, you have two chances to receive verified reviews, one about your actual process and one about the effectiveness of your product or service. You can also periodically ask for reviews from your customers via email.

The best way to get verified reviews, however, is to call customers and ask for them.

Winsby generates verified reviews for your company

One of the problems with online reviews is that many of them are fake or created by bots. That’s why part of Winsby’s online reputation management strategy is obtaining verified reviews from your customers. When we conduct customer satisfaction surveys for our clients, we receive feedback from their customers about their company, products, processes, and more. Since we conduct our surveys over the phone, we can ask if those comments can be published. We then share the verified reviews online for future customers and prospects to find. The result is that when prospects search for you online, they find reviews of your company from verified customers. These are reviews they can trust!

If you want help generating verified reviews for your online reputation management strategy, then reach out to the Winsby team today!

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