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Track Your Marketing: Implement the Strategies You Can Measure

Too often, businesses and marketing departments choose marketing strategies because they see other companies in their industry using them, or because they just think it’s “the thing to do”. Little or not enough thought is put into whether the strategy is right for their specific business and market, and not enough effort is put towards measuring the business metrics and sales analytics that matter.

At Winsby, we only implement marketing plans that can be closely measured and analyzed, and we care most about the business metrics that actually matter for your company. That way, you can easily know whether or not our strategies are actually working and producing results for your business.

What are the business metrics that matter?

When it comes to your marketing, it’s important to look at the things that really matter in terms of business growth. Metrics like email open rates and click through rates, social media views and clicks, and similar analytics are important to see how well your content is received, but they don’t necessarily provide insights to how effective your overall marketing strategy is. The business metrics and analytics that are most important to consider when determining whether your sales and marketing methods are working include:

  • Customer purchase frequency
  • Customer retention rate
  • Number of at risk customers
  • The number of active accounts
  • Net growth rate for number of accounts
  • Growth in number of invoices and dollars spent

These sales analytics and metrics get to the heart of why you’re sending emails, posting on social media, or running ads in the first place: to expand your customer base and increase your sales.

For example, if your emails have excellent open and click through rates, but your customer purchase frequency is flat or decreasing and you’re losing at risk customers, then your emails most likely aren’t doing the job you need them to do.

At Winsby, three of the most effective marketing services we offer are our marketing emails, list updates, and customer satisfaction surveys. We know they’re effective, because they produce consistently positive results across our clients’ businesses. Our emails typically double the number purchases that our clients’ customers make, while our calling service causes customers to purchase more often and spend more, and customer satisfaction surveys increase customer retention by 20% to 30%. We use these strategies, because they work, and because we can closely track their results.

How Winsby helps you with marketing tracking

At Winsby, we live by business metrics and sales analytics. We want to make sure that what we’re doing is having a positive impact on your company’s growth. That’s why we track the most important metrics and give you access to real time dashboards for your company that show the details about when and how often your customers are purchasing. Plus, our financial experts walk you through the numbers every month, providing insights about trends that may be happening with your business, good or bad.

If you’re considering implementing new marketing strategies or going with a new marketing agency, make sure that you (or they) have systems in place to closely measure the results that matter. These numbers should not be superficial numbers, but the key business metrics and sales analytics that truly show how much your company is growing.

If you have any questions about marketing tracking or strategies, contact our team today.

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