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Why Aren’t You Generating Sales from Your Website?

Your website has the potential to be an effective and valuable lead generation tool. It’s often the first place a prospect will go to find out about your company, and it’s where they can understand all of the products and services you offer. If your site is well organized and makes it easy to see what you offer, then it will serve as a great first impression of your business and help potential customers find what they are looking for to fulfill whatever needs they might have.

If your website isn’t generating new leads or web sales, then you need to make a change. Here are some of the reasons why your company website may not be as effective as it could be.

You’re not showing up in search rankings

If your website isn't ranking near the top of Google or other search engine results for your relevant keywords, then prospects won’t be able to find it. If they can’t find your site, then they won’t be able to learn more about your products, ask you questions, or make purchases, and you won’t generate any web sales or leads through the website. To help improve your SEO (search engine optimization), there are certain best practices you need to follow:

  • Find lower competition keyword phrases to target, so you can rank higher more easily
  • Regularly add new website content in the form of articles and industry best practices
  • List your business in local referral sites
  • Build backlinks by asking customers and suppliers to link to your site and by distributing press releases and articles to publications, which will then link back to your website

Your website content isn’t clear and concise

Your web copy and design needs to simply explain what you do in a way that is fast and easy for visitors to understand. If it is difficult for readers to know what you offer and what problems you help them solve, or if your website looks unprofessional, then, at best, visitors aren’t going to make a purchase. At worst, they are going to think you’re unprofessional and be turned off from your entire brand.

Review your site to make sure all your web copy looks and sounds professional and is easy to understand. Check that all your links work and lead to the correct places.

You aren’t using effective call to actions (CTAs)

The call to action (CTA) is one of the essential elements of your website content. Once you have talked about your products and services and how they will help your customers, you need to tell them what to do next. The CTA can make all the difference and move the prospect along to purchase, so you need to write it clearly and make sure it is easy to find. You can have the most persuasive web copy possible, but if there isn’t a way for the reader to act on it, your site won’t generate any web sales or leads.

Add calls to action throughout your website, so it’s easy for readers to contact you, make a purchase, or take another action that could lead to building a relationship and a sale.

You’re not identifying website visitors

If you know who is visiting your website and what pages they are viewing, then your sales people will have a leg up when they reach out to that website visitor. At Winsby, we use a program that tags each of your webpages to monitor who is visiting where, so you'll know exactly who is coming to your website and what they are looking at. You can then receive alerts via email or text when someone with a pre-determined engagement level visits your site. The program allows you to tag which team member or sales person receives notifications for each visitor.

How Winsby can help

Our team will design and build a website that communicates what you do, highlighting all the products and services you offer. Our designs are cutting edge, our engaging web copy is written clearly and concisely, and we program sites so they load quickly, and rank at the top of Google searches for your targeted keywords. Plus, we’ll track visitors and help you consistently add new website content, so it stays relevant for searches, and you can continue to target as many keywords as possible and grow your business.

If you want help building a valuable lead and sale generation tool through effective website content, designs, and tracking, contact our team today.

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