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How to Improve Your Customers' Experience

Knowing your customers, how they interact with your company, and where any potential issues could occur is important for increasing retention, to prevent at risk customers from leaving. The problem is that measuring customer experience can be difficult, just as it's difficult to understand each step of your customers' experiences when purchasing or using your products and services.

After you become familiar with each step of the process from your customers' perspective, you will be able to recognize where improvements or changes need to be made.

What's involved in tracking your customers' experience?

Your customers' experience includes each interaction with your company, from finding you, viewing your ads or posts, and looking at your website, to the sales process, invoicing process, customer service, and the products and services themselves. When you have more issues in each step of the journey, your overall business retention will suffer more, and you'll increase the number of customers you're at risk of losing. If the entire process isn't seamless, you will be pushing people to search for another solution for their needs, rather than staying with you.

In order to perfect your customers' experience, you need a way to see your processes from their point of view. At Winsby, we've found that the method for better understanding your customers' interactions with your business is through conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

Why customer satisfaction surveys are important

Measuring customer experience requires that customers are contacted regularly to request their feedback. The majority of customers will not take the time and trouble of complaining about an issue to someone in your organization. They will just leave and take their business elsewhere. It's up to you to initiate contact with them and see if there are any problems.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys can significantly improve your customer retention. Here's how this process will help you hold on to your customers:

  • Fix problems that could drive them away – By calling and asking if there are any issues with any part of their interactions with your company, you can learn about problems or challenges, act on them, and fix them before the customer leaves you.
  • Create more loyal customers – Contacting your customers shows you care. After conducting our customer satisfaction surveys, many of our clients say that these customers become extremely loyal once their problems are addressed. They see that you care, which creates long term commitment from your customers.

Winsby clients see an average increase of 20% to 30% in customer retention once we begin to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Higher retention means more sales, because the longer a customer works with a company, the more they tend to purchase and the more valuable they become to you. That is the reason why it is so important to track customers' experiences, so you understand any problems in your organization and fix them quickly.

If you want to start measuring customer experience, keeping more at risk customers, and increasing customer retention, contact our team today.

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