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The Importance of Website Content for SEO Rankings

Your website is the face of your business. It’s often the first interaction potential customers have with your company and will shape their first impression. It’s where people go who want to learn more about what you do and the products and services you offer. But if you take the right steps, your website can be a whole lot more than just an informational billboard. It can be an engine that generates leads and brings in new business.

Focusing on SEO is crucial

Your website can look great, be very informative about what you offer, and make it easy for visitors to purchase products or connect with your sales team. But without a dedicated focus on search engine optimization (SEO), very few new people are actually going to find their way to your site. And all that work you put into building your site won’t be worth it.

Google and other search engines have rules and guidelines that determine which websites they show to users and which ones they don’t. Think about it this way, Google is a service that connects people with information they are searching for. If Google doesn’t think a particular website offers good information, then they are not going to show it to their users, because it will hurt Google’s reputation. How well sites adhere to rules and guidelines is how search engines judge how good it is and how much value it will provide to their users.

By understanding what Google wants to see, you can understand what types of website improvement are necessary to move your site up in the rankings. The higher you are on the results page, the more people will see your website, the more new visitors you’ll have, and the more leads you’ll generate.

What does writing content have to do with SEO?

Writing content is one of the best forms of website improvement when it comes to SEO. By “content” we mean new pages about your products or services, blog posts, case studies, white pages, and even publishing press releases on your website. Here is how writing content helps your website SEO:

Target more specific keywords – the webpages that describe your products and services should include your most important keywords. But they will most likely include broader forms of those keywords. The advantage of consistently adding new blogs, case studies, and other content is that you can target more specific forms of the keyword or complimentary keywords that people are searching for. For example, instead of just capturing people searching for “skid steers”, you could have a blog post covering how skid steers are used in snow removal and capture people searching for “snow removal skid steers”, “snow removal equipment”, “skid steer winter operation”, and similar terms. That way, you are bringing more people to your site, including people who may have a better idea of what they want and need.

Keep your website fresh – if you aren’t consistently writing content for your website, then Google may start to think your site is old, out of date, or no longer active. When you add new content on a regular schedule, at least monthly, then Google will recognize that your site is continually being updated and the information is new and fresh and, possibly, more worth showing to people.

Help generate backlinks – attracting backlinks is a key piece of website improvement. You build these links when a different website links back to your site in their own content. The more backlinks you have from other high quality websites, the more authority Google will give your site and the higher it will rank. The more content your have on your site that is informative and useful, the higher chances you have of other websites using you as a source and linking back to you.

Quality content is key for website improvement

Writing content helps you target more keywords, keep your site fresh, and generate more backlinks. But all that is only true if your content is useful to readers and high quality. At Winsby, we offer SEO and content services designed to help your site rank higher and to bring more new people to the site.

Our content services include topic research, keyword research, writing, and designing, and our team makes sure that everything is optimized for both Google and the actual reader. The result is that your site becomes a lead generation tool, instead of just a billboard that informs people about what you do.

If you have any questions about website improvement, content services, or SEO in general, contact our team today!

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